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Mypacs. Net: radiology teaching files > case 126404   craniopharyngioma contributed by: ucrad residents, radiologist, university of chicago, illinois, usa. Patient: 58 year old male history: optic neuropathy of right eye and visual field defect. Images: [small] larger fig. 1 fig. 2 fig. 3 fig. 4 fig. 5 fig. 6 fig. viagra samples 7 findings: 14 mm suprasellar mass that is eccentrically placed on thediaphragmatic sella. It displaces the right side of the optic chiasm which issuperiorly displaced and displaced to the left. In addition the mass itself isheterogeneous. It is predominantly cystic with proteinaceous fluid that is low ont1 and high on t2 and flair weighted imaging. There is a soft tissue component thatenhances along the inferior left lateral border. viagra cost In addition a more globular areaof tissue is seen posterior and to the left. Diagnosis: craniopharygioma discussion: craniopharynigiomas arise from squamous epithelial rests along the involuted hypophyseal-rathke's duct. They aare typically lobulated, well delineated cystic masses with a mural nodule. viagra online without prescription Craniopharyngiomas account for 3-5% of all primary intracranial tumors. They are the most common nonglial tumor in children and account for half of the suprasellar lesions inthat age group. what happens if women have viagra 40% of these lesions occur between 8 and 12 years of age. A second group of craniopharyngiomas is found in middle aged adults aged 40-60. what happens if women have viagra Ct appearance: 90% partially cystic, 90% calcified, 90% rim enhancement. Mr appearance: variable signal, most common is hypointense on t1, hyperintense on t2. cheap viagra 40 mg Differential considerations; include rathke's cleft cyst, necrotic pituitary adenoma, thrombosed aneurysm, and cystic hypothalamic opticochiasmatic glioma. References: rj mark, wr lutge, kt shimizu, lm tran, mt selch, and rg parkercraniopharyngioma: treatment in the ct and mr imaging eraradiology 1995; 197: 195-198. Comments: no comments posted. viagra canada online Additional details: case number: 126404 last updated: 09-03-2003 anatomy: cranium and contents   pathology: benign mass, cyst modality: mr exam date: 08-12-2003 access level: readable by all users keywords: adamantinoma, craniopharyngeal duct tumor, rathke pouch tumor the reader is fully responsible for confirming the accuracy of this content. Text and images may be copyrighted by the case author or institution. what happens if women have viagra You can help keep mypacs tidy: if you notice a case which is not useful (e. viagra online pharmacy usa G. A test case) or inaccura. dr. irwin goldstein viagra logo design